Affordable Giveaways

When deciding on what items would make as great giveaways, always look for its usefulness and cost-effectivity to the people who will receive it.  There are lots of things that you need to consider, like is this appropriate for the event, will people be reminded of our company upon receiving the giveaways, or will it leave a mark in their minds.  Iron your plan and make the best of it coz those giveaways will reflect the reputation of your company.

 Promotional Items

There are a lot of suppliers that accommodate large quantity of orders while disregarding quality of items they produce.  Would you ever associate your company with that kind of substandard suppliers?

Quality and quantity should never leave each other, for bulky orders of giveaways; Dinsmor Promo will assure the high-quality and not the substandard kind that most suppliers offer.

So while you’re planning the best giveaway that will suit your event, here is some suggested merchandise where you could get ideas for your giveaways and souvenir.

  • Customized Ref. Magnets – If you’re a kitchen lover, or your mom stays in kitchen for more than half of the day, Ref. Magnets are the best and useful giveaways.
  • Ballpens – One of the most useful and best-selling giveaways, for as low as P10.00, these customized pens will go far from different areas and can effectively advertise your company.
  • There are so many giveaways that Dinsmor Promo could give as your idea. Just click this site to see the list of souvenirs and giveaways at their link. or


Dinsmor Promo is one of the leading business of promotional products and giveaways company located at #138, San Juan St., Pasay City, Philippines. The company offers a wide range of quality and affordable promotional items, souvenirs and giveaways, corporate giveaways, personalized items, and more.

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